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The Sunshine Episode

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Dark clouds seem to hang over the security industry, especially after Black Hat and DEF CON. Playing constant defense can be disheartening, especially after hearing about every new type of possible attack in Las Vegas.  We felt everyone could use a little post conference pick-me up so we pulled together this short (~15 min) episode which focuses on all the positive things that are happening in the industry from past interviews. We’ve often reflected on how interesting and encouraging it is that every guest we’ve interviewed has always had something they thought was much improved from the past— and how every one of these industry luminaries called out something different than the others.

Don't worry, we have a bunch of new episodes around the corner. This is a little interlude to chase away the Summer blues while we re-gather after a flurry of activity w/ B-Sides (Jack) and Open Raven (Dave). We have great interviews with the CISO of Splunk, CEO of MalwareBytes & the wrap-up to our investor series all ahead of us.

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The Sunshine Episode

Summer Interlude: Reasons to feel good about the future of cyber security