Justin Somaini

About this episode

You'd be hard pressed to find a security leader with a better pedigree than Justin Somaini, especially in the turbulent tech market.  In an hour long interview, Justin explains common mistakes made by investors and vendors, what it feels like to be a global CSO of a 90,000 person company, who the CISO should report to and how the CISO can win in the boardroom (often by staying out of it!) Sales people, this is one if for you: Justin explains how you can avoid stepping on CISOs' toes and what you can do to stand out from the crowd.  For aspiring or young security leaders, Justin shares generously from his playbook including what should be your focus in the critical first weeks of a new job.

Meet our guest

Justin Somaini

Veteran CISO | Entrepreneur in Residence, Storm Ventures