Shaun Cooley

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Few topics capture our imagination like the Internet of Things (IoT)-- our concerns swing from how much that Alexa in the kitchen is really listening to us all the way to doomsday scenarios orchestrated by a violent robot takeover.  Our conversation with Shaun Cooley lays the foundation for a rational understanding of IoT risks, starting with its role in stopping rhino poaching in an African game preserve. After explaining the full IoT landscape, we explore how it is fundamentally different from “normal” IT security and how the coming IT/OT convergence could result in an epic clash of cultures-- not to mention a few breaches. No IoT conversation is complete without covering 5G and satellite internet, and nor do we spare you the required musings on how it could all go quite wrong when no one is looking. This is our longest episode so far-- and an instant favorite.

Meet our guest

Shaun Cooley

Founder/CEO Stealth IoT company (former Cisco VP IoT)

About Shaun

Shaun Cooley is the Founder and CEO of a stealth startup focused (unsurprisingly) on the Internet of Things (IoT). In his prior role as VP/CTO for Cisco’s IoT Business, he was responsible for Cisco’s long-term IoT technology strategy including everything from shaping product architecture, security,  and privacy to advising governments on IoT regulation and driving Cisco’s participation in IoT related standards bodies. Prior to joining Cisco, Shaun was a Distinguished Engineer for Norton, by Symantec, where he was a driving force in Norton’s shift from utilities to security.

Shaun holds a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Illinois, and is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). He is named inventor on 118 issued United States patents with over 100 more pending. He is an active angel investor and a start-up mentor through Acceleprise SF and advisor for Deep Angels. Shaun was previously a director of the Open Connectivity Foundation and former board member of Attivo Networks.