Bucky Moore

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Investors make their money seeing things others don’t. Making big bets based on both digging into painstaking detail and their ability to forecast what will happen many years into the future. In this 5th and (almost!) final episode of our series on public cloud security, we get deep into the mind of Bucky Moore from Kleiner Perkins to learn how the flow of funding is both responding to and shaping our industry’s transformation from protecting our own data centers to renting them from others.

Bucky begins by laying down our mile marker in the global cloud journey, answering the eternal question of “Are we there yet?” with a clear answer of “Not even close.” We follow these remarks to a walk through the different corners of the cyber security industry to see how they’re keeping pace. While many fail to impress, one of the legacy behemoths stands out from the pack as having impressively galvanized their business to meet the cloud challenge.

Setting companies aside, Bucky, Jack & Dave identify what technologies are the likely casualties are long-term cloud transition followed by a look at the obvious new areas to invest. Bucky describes a few more obscure tech opportunities he and Kleiner Perkins are watching that may produce a surprise hit in the future.

We explore the eye-popping amount of money raised by managed security services companies in 2020 such as Arctic Wolf, deepwatch & Pondurance and how they differ from the not-so-glamorous past of the MSSP market. Our discussion explains the hidden forces driving the new managed services opportunity and how we think it will play out over the years ahead.

If you’re looking to understand the insanely high valuations of companies like Snowflake and CrowdStrike-- or wondering what a SPAC is-- Bucky weighs in on these topics as well as we also dive into the surprise investing frenzy of 2020. Spoiler alert: it has a lot to do with both money and investors having no better places to go.

Meet our guest

Bucky Moore

Principal — Kleiner Perkins