Joel Fulton

About this episode

Joel Fulton’s journey began in Alaska as a free range kid with dreams of becoming a fireman to ultimately find him in one of the most prestigious CISO roles in cyber security at Splunk. Our conversation twists through his time as a computer auditor, MMA fighter, an author, a salesman, a PhD student and a few other positions in between.  As far as origin stories go, even the late Stan Lee would be impressed.

Our dialogue with Joel showcases the breadth of his interests as well as his gift for taking seemingly unrelated concepts and connecting them to illustrate a point. Choke holds and incident response? School grades and asset discovery? The application of Philosopher’s Toolkit to breach analysis? Systematic dismemberment as a means of determining priorities? Somehow Joel pulls off all of these analogies and more in a narrative that is as insightful as it is colorful.

Joel’s interview also offers plenty of practical examples for aspiring and longtime CISOs, breaking down how he thinks about discovery, orchestration and security training. And yes, he weighs in on how to be successful with Splunk, including reducing the cost.  The episode is our longest to date at 80 minutes and it still felt far too short.

Note: Our interview with Joel took place at the Los Gatos Cigar Club this past Summer at the same time the US Women’s Soccer team was playing England in the semifinals of the World Cup. This was completely unintentional and resulted in a fair bit of background noise. While we edited out as much as we could, the result is a little like listening to 2 people chat at busy café. Not ideal, but we think it’s ok. Grab a latte (or a cigar) and join us!

Meet our guest

Joel Fulton

Chief Information Security Officer, Splunk

About Joel

Joel Fulton, Ph.D. is Chief Information Security Officer for Splunk, leading the Splunk Global Security teams, supporting product development, and championing customer and partner relationships. He was previously led security at Symantec Corporation with oversight of the company’s Global Security Office (GSO). He built and led teams at Google, Starbucks, Boeing, several financial institutions and led a security and regulatory compliance consulting firm for ten years.

In 2017, Security Magazine named Dr. Fulton one of the Most Influential People in Security. He is a frequent speaker at external conferences and customer events on Insider Threat, AI/Machine Learning & Cyber Security, pragmatic risk management, and global security management. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Excelsior College, a master’s of science in information security from Capella University, and a doctoral degree in information assurance and security from Capella University.

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