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Our February Security Voices episodes are a 2 part series where Jack and I focus on our “day jobs”, starting with the current episode on Open Raven. Part 2 will be our very first recorded, but unreleased episode where Dave interviews Jack on the origins ands escapades of B-Sides. Look for it later this month.  

This is close as we intend to come to promoting anything explicitly on Security Voices and if you’re completely allergic to even the scent of such things, join us back in March where we’ll pick back up with an interview of the Chief Scientist at a prominent security company.  In the meantime, we thought you might appreciate a little background on what Jack and Dave do outside of Security Voices as it understandably colors our perspective, from the questions we ask to the stories we tell.

Open Raven was officially founded in April of 2019 by Dave and Mark Curphey, whom some will recall was the focus of episode 5 of Security Voices. Rather than solely focus on the founders, something we feel happens entirely too much, we felt you might like to hear from the people building the product itself.  Consequently, Dave emcees the episode as we interview the Open Raven team members on topics from the graph back-end to how the company is branded and thinks about UX. The content is at times a little technical but should still be approachable by most and it should give you a sense of the design decisions one makes in an early stage company.

Throughout the episode you will hear the authentic voice of the team as they share the principles driving what Open Raven is building along with the pain and successes along the journey. The episode sequencing is as follows:

  • Matthew & Oliver explaining the unique Open Raven deployment model
  • Mike shares the underpinnings of the Open Raven graph
  • Jason discusses DMAP, a data store fingerprinting service
  • Brady provides the background on the Open Raven brand itself
  • Chum, head of product design, gives the details of the user experience
  • Mark covers the company’s approach to open source and why Open Raven believes it can balance commercial success with permissive licensing

Meet our guest

Open Raven

Dave + Mark + Mike + Brady + MD + Oliver + Chum & Jason