Robocalls w/ TProphet

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Sound familiar? Robocalls like this have plagued our phones in recent years, prompting many of us to no longer answer calls if we don’t immediately recognize the number. Ever wondered who was behind the flood of phone spam? How much they make? Where they’re from? How they got your number? We dig deep into the robocall epidemic with telecom expert TProphet, answering all of these questions and more before breaking down what telcos and legislators are doing to try and improve the situation. After comparing the North American robocall problem to the one in China, we take a look ahead at what the future holds for phone spam.

We wrap up the episode with a glance ahead to DEF CON / Black Hat where TProphet will be hosting the annual TeleChallenge and attending Queercon as founder emeritus. We also cover how the community has lent a helping hand to a few overseas security professionals through TProphet’s site, AwardCat. He’s one of the most colorful, interesting people in security-- we hope you enjoy getting to know him as much as Jack and I did.

We just suspend (sic) your social security number because we found some suspicious activity…”

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Robocalls w/ TProphet

Telecom Security Expert, Author & Adjunct Professor

About TProphet

TProphet began writing for 2600: The Hacker Quarterly while still in high school and authors the Telecom Informer column. He is one of a handful of individuals to have attended every DEF CON and is a cofounder of Queercon (the forefront LGBTQ organization in the InfoSec community) and the founder of the famous TeleChallenge phone-based puzzle challenge. TProphet has lived and worked in 4 countries, and has visited all 7 continents. He currently works as a senior information security architect.

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