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In a world not-so-long-ago, CISO’s fought for people to understand what they did and why it mattered. Fast forward to today, and the modern CISO faces a dizzying variety of challenges everywhere from the boardroom to explain 3rd party risk management to product design sessions where they might be debating anything from data anonymization to SOC2 compliance. Our guest in this episode, Justin Dolly, stands apart as a no-nonsense CISO who has covered a truly broad spectrum of problems such as negotiating consumer privacy trade-offs for fitness wearables while at Jawbone or diving headlong into the ransomware problem at MalwareBytes. During this episode, Justin weighs in on the future of identity, the death of passwords and whether moving to a ZeroTrust model is more aspirational than practical. This episode has something for everyone with the notable exception of people who love VPNs. Justin’s fiercely pragmatic approach and gift for storytelling make this one of our favorite episodes so far.

About Justin

Justin Dolly’s background spans C-level security and operational roles at some of the most recognizable names in the tech industry and well beyond. He’s currently Chief Security Officer and COO at SecureAuth and recently spent time at Malwarebytes where he served as Chief Security Officer and CIO. Prior to Malwarebytes, he was Chief Security and Privacy Officer at Jawbone where he led the company’s privacy and security initiatives. He has also been CISO at ServiceNow, served as VMware's first CISO and worked in technology leadership roles at Kaiser Permanente, CNET/CBS Interactive, Macromedia and Wells Fargo Bank. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Maynooth University (Ireland) and has served on the board of directors for several companies.

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